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Getting a fresh coat of paint for the interiors or exteriors of your home is an exciting prospect. In a manner of a few days, your property will look utterly transformed, since new paint can truly open up the space and highlight the key features of your house to their best advantage. If you are looking to finally experience the look you have always wanted, speak to our team at Red Phoenix Roofing & Construction for any Waxahachie painting services. 

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The Benefits of Investing in Painting Your Interiors & Exteriors

Whether you have just moved into your new home in Waxahachie and are unimpressed by its drab style, or you are thinking of revamping the peeling, faded siding of your current house, there are so many benefits that come with investing in a gorgeous new coat of paint. Of course, one of the obvious reasons why so many residents want to change their paint is that they are dissatisfied with the current, boring color or the unkempt look of old surfaces. However, there are so many other great benefits you will gain as well.

A few of the many advantages which you can obtain through professional painting services include:

  • A higher market value for your house, since buyers will definitely be much more attracted to a home that looks well-maintained
  • Maximized space within your house, as the right application of paint will make your interiors look more open and bright
  • Better indoor air quality, since old paint lets off harmful chemicals that get trapped in the lungs of you and your loved ones

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

Hiring a professional painter ensures that the job is done correctly and to your specified standards. When you hire a professional, they ensure that the job is finished in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your life or business. Professional painters understand the details involved in painting, from preparing surfaces properly to using quality materials. They can help you make the right decisions about colors, finishes, and other details, so your finished project looks exactly as you envision it. Plus, if something goes wrong during the painting process, professional painters are trained to take care of any issues quickly and efficiently. This allows you to avoid costly repairs or damage that could occur from a DIY job gone wrong. A professional painter also has access to the best tools and techniques for a job. They can help you select the proper tools and materials, as well as teach you how to use them correctly. Professional painters are knowledgeable about health and safety standards and will take extra steps to ensure that your home is protected from dust, debris, or other hazards that come with painting.

Ultimately, hiring a professional painter gives you the assurance that your project will be completed correctly, on time, and with the results you expect. If you're looking to complete an interior or exterior painting job in Waxahachie, contact our professional painters today!

The Importance of Extensive Preparation Before Painting

Before any actual painting can begin, it is important that every surface is thoroughly prepared. Otherwise, that wonderful new coat of paint will simply not last, no matter how lovely a shade it is. Experienced painters will always take time to thoroughly prepare all of the surfaces to both prime them for the new paint as well as protect your valuables from harm.

This extensive prep process should include:

  • Completely cleaning all the surfaces that will be covered, so that no dust or debris can get trapped in the paint
  • Scraping away any old wallpaper or remnants of previous coats which are peeling or have come loose
  • Carefully sanding any rough areas either by special power equipment or by hand, if certain parts are particularly delicate
  • Patching or caulking any places where there are holes, uneven spots, or other forms of damage
  • Applying a fresh coat of primer to newly exposed surfaces
  • Making sure all your belongings have been carefully covered by protective plastic

Always speak to any painting company to ensure that they take the greatest precaution in caring for your home. Our professionals at Red Phoenix Roofing & Construction would be happy to provide more information about our dedicated process of preparing your home’s surfaces before painting.

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